Lab Assistant

About HUB:

Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) is a fast-growing biotech company, founded on the pioneering work of Prof. Dr. Hans Clevers who discovered methods to grow stem cell-derived human epithelial “mini-organs”  (organoids) from tissues of patients with various diseases including cancer and cystic fibrosis. HUB builds comprehensive living Biobanks of well-characterized organoids and develops assays for drug screening and validation. The Organoid Technology enables predictive diagnostics and clinical trial patient stratification.

We are currently looking for a Lab Assistant, FT

Scope of position:

At HUB we operate several laboratories focusing on the following activities: cell culture, ML-I and ML-II, molecular biology and histology.

As Lab Assistant you are crucial to HUB’s core process as you facilitate operational conditions for lab experiments in all HUB’s laboratories. You do so by managing general stock, plastic material and reagents for the expansion and manipulation of the organoids.

You also keep an orderly administration of lab materials and reagents.

Our Lab Assistants offer support to HUB’s multi cultural  Research Team by analyzing and performing routine lab tests.

You play an important role in the upkeep of the laboratories of HUB.

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to): 

  • Preparing reagents for lab work following strictly implemented procedures ensuring a uniform process,
  • Executing and analyzing routine lab tests such as mycoplasma test or TOP-FOP assays,
  • Preparing reagents to support HUB research projects, such as aliquoting reagents, preparing conditioned and organoid medium,
  • Collecting and/or transferring specimens from/to hospitals and to CBB,
  • Receiving material and reagents and managing their well-arranged storage,
  • Executing assays with organoids for validating the quality of reagents acquired or generated by HUB,
  • Being first contact point when equipment/work area in the lab does not work and ensuring basic maintenance of lab equipment,
  • Ensuring a clean and tidy lab entrances and changing rooms, including the availability of clean lab coats for visitors,
  • Supporting histology work for internal and/or commercial projects,
  • Adhering to QC/QA HUB policies and regulations (i.e. attending QA trainings, activating CAPA reports),
  • Supporting QA activities to ensure both internal as well as external audits are passed.

Reports to:

Chief Research Officer

Required minimum level:

Middelbaar Laboratorium Onderwijs (MLO) degree or equivalent in the field of Life Sciences.  Relevant experience, i.e. in the field of cell culture and/or molecular techniques.


  • Team player, able to work within a team alongside with colleagues with different cultural backgrounds,
  • Strong communication skills and easily accessible to internal colleagues,
  • Good command of the Dutch and the English language, verbal and written,
  • Microsoft Office experience is a must, in particular Excel,
  • AFAS experience with stock ordering and stock management is a strong pre,
  • Detail oriented, pay close attention to detail as lab testing requires maximum accuracy,
  • Ability to handle multiple requests,
  • Service oriented attitude.

What we offer:

A professional and international environment.

Enrolment in the ABP pension scheme, 2/3 paid by HUB.

Flexible work hours facilitating a good work life balance.


We look forward to receiving your cover letter together with your resume, in English, send it to HR;


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